Gamification in eLearning

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This past Friday, Nuvola was able to join in on the #GuildChat, hosted by @eLearningGuild, that takes place on Twitter every Friday, at 1 pm EST (Noon CST), and it did not disappoint. This week #GuildChat posed some interesting questions on the use of games in the learning process and gamification in eLearning. I wanted to share with you those questions and summarize some of the key discussion points from the twitter users who joined in on the chat.
Q1: What kind of games do you play? What about those types of games interest you?
A1: Most of the users mentioned games of strategy, not chance. Many of them preferred games that were easy to learn but difficult to master. Something simple in design, however, still engaging in themes and game play. We had to agree with most of the chat members. Games of strategy are a lot more fun and engaging than games of chance. You want game components that are simple to pick up but when it comes to playing the game you spend endless amounts of time attempting to win or level up.
Q2: What would you consider to be some of the core components needed in a good game?
A2: Some of the core components that engage game players would be an engaging and compelling story, addictive game play with choices and options that allow for different outcomes. Realistic challenges that players can identify with and many chat members said they prefer a conclusive ending.
Someone in the chat even brought up a great point, that instructional designers could learn a lot from playing games. It can help them design and build their own courses.
Q3: What have you personally learned via game-based experience?
A3: There were some pretty good responses to this question. One of our favorites in particular was “To continue to beat the same opponents, you need to be willing to adopt new strategies.” Some other things mentioned were that simple games can be addictive and games can teach you how to become a better strategist. An important thing that games teach is that failure isn’t fatal and practice makes you better. They can teach you how to be a part of a team and how to work cooperatively as well as teach through play.
Q4: What aspects of games transfer well to learning?
A4: Allowing people to fail while encouraging them to try again and having clear objectives. Having players solve problems and create solutions transfers well to learning also. Feedback in game play is key, just like in learning (examples are losing a life or progressing to the next level).
Q5: What are the differences between game-based learning, gamification and serious games?
A5: Many games allow you to learn by doing rather than being taught and then trying things yourself. Gamefication is the integration of gaming elements into an experience. @Mathvermoulen gave a great example of the difference between these three…
Q6: What are some of the pitfalls we need to watch out for when considering adding gaming elements in our learning programs?
A6: The main point that most made was to not get so wrapped up in the game design that you lose the learning objectives. Other important things that were mentioned were to remember the context, use empathy for learners and target the energy you’re trying to generate; all good points.
Q7: What are the challenges organizations encounter when considering game-based learning programs?
A7: Most of the standard challenges were brought up by many chat users. The obvious ones to many of us are time and the costs involved with designing and building the games. Another big hurdle a few mentioned were getting your stakeholders to embrace the idea of using game-based learning.
After everyone had discussed those questions and responses #GuildChat held a Lightning Round for people where they tweeted a few words and you were to say the first thing that came to mind, which lead to some pretty interesting comments and sparked a few discussions. If you want to see the lightning round excitement just visit Twitter and search #GuildChat and not only will you see the lightning round responses but you will see all of Friday’s chat.
Are you interested in being a part of the next #GuildChat join all of us every Friday, 1pm EST/12 pm CST, for the fun!