Mobile Learning in the Workplace

By Admin

With eLearning becoming a more prominent and effective way to give employees the training they need, many companies are making the switch to mobile learning. Not only is it cost effective but it allows instructors and learners to access content anywhere and everywhere, 24/7, which is a huge plus. There’s no doubt that many people agree that mobile learning is the way to go but do companies know how to use it effectively?
There are some challenges when it comes to shifting your content from face-to-face instruction to mobile instruction but were here to explain why, ultimately, it’s more beneficial to make the change and reap the benefits of mobile learning at the office.
The obvious reason, as briefly mentioned above, is that allows instructors to distribute their content quickly and efficiently. Many jobs require staff to travel and spend a significant amount of time on the road so the ability to access training content at any time is convenient and beneficial, especially in industries that have to manage constant changes to rules, regulations and more. Mobile learning makes it significantly easier to distribute these materials at any time, even while staff is out of office.
Where is your phone right now? I bet, for a majority of you, it is within reach. That’s another benefit of mobile training. It allows companies to send out important information at a moment’s notice and for employees to receive it immediately. Having the ability to do that will boost your employees’ skills and performance while also ensuring customer satisfaction, as they will feel confident knowing that your company is consistently on top of any changes or introduction of new material in your field.
Another benefit of mobile learning is that it saves a significant amount of time.  By having company training broken down in to modules, employees can take only the modules necessary to their training and education, rather than having to sit through an entire course to pull out the vital pieces of information for their specialization. ‘Time is money’ is probably one of the most often sayings adopted by companies today. Time is very valuable and the time spent in lengthy training can impact the time employees spend working on what they need to get done. There is no doubt that training is important even if it takes away company time but why not use mobile learning to make it more efficient. By allowing employees to only participate in the modules they need and giving them access to that content whenever, you allow training to happen while traveling or waiting, which is better than it cutting into their work time. Not having to wait for new materials to be delivered to them and the ability to know that they can complete their training at a time that is convenient for them will boost their productivity and overall satisfaction as employees of your company.
Mobile devices have been found to improve engagement in learning and it offers an easier learning process, which is less intimidating to employees. The ability to learn online also removes the formality of face-to-face instruction, which lets learners feel more relaxed and less apprehensive about the training and retention of the new material.
As you can see, there are so many benefits to introducing mobile learning into the workplace. Not only does it save the company time and money but it also promotes a healthy work environment for the employees. Giving them the confidence to know that they have access to instructional materials at any time and will always be on top of the changes in your industry. So, are you sold on mobile training? Contact Nuvola Networks to get started on creating engaging and effective eLearning course material for your company, today!