Integrate Storytelling into your eLearning

By Admin

Creating eLearning courses with a storytelling model will increase the power of content and help the learner retain information better than other formats of study. When you hear a story, your brain responds as if it were experiencing the events first-hand. You actually use more of your brain when listening to stories. Not only does it create an immersive environment for learning but it also allows learners to feel more emotionally connected to the subject matter.
It’s a challenge to engage learners in a self-paced environment but by using stories in eLearning, you can grab the learners’ attention and this motivates learners to achieve their goals even in a self-paced course.
By making the story relatable and relevant, the content has the power to engage learners and help them retain information at a better rate. Make sure to integrate your core message into the plot of the story and offer narration that enhances the story but does not distract the learner. By using the storytelling model not only will you content be more effective but it will also deliver an entertaining experience for your learners.
Take a look below at this Storytelling for Effective eLearning Infographic to see how stories can be incorporated into your courses for maximum engagement and efficiency!