Time Management Tips for the Online Student

By Admin

Students love the flexibility and convenience that online training offers but sometimes the success rate can be lower in online courses due to the need for more self-discipline. The main thing that will attribute to a higher success rate among eLearners would be for them to focus on better time management in their courses and coursework. Here are some tips for eLearners on how to better manage time in online courses for maximum achievement.
One of the first things you want to do is eliminate distractions while you are learning. This is easier said than done when it comes to taking an online course. It’s very easy to get distracted in web browsers. You may think it won’t take long to check your Facebook or email but before you know it you have wasted an hour that could have been devoted to your coursework. Make sure, when you sit down to complete work for your online class, that you go directly to your course site and get your classwork done before venturing off onto other leisure sites.
Another thing that would benefit you would be to take advantage of online tools to manage your time. Set reminders for important deadlines and make to-do lists for imperative class work. You can also search for time-tracking and productivity apps to help you perform tasks during your designated coursework times. Don’t let technology overrun your study time! You should also think about creating a bookmark folder or a running document that can be used as a reference guide when working on coursework. This document or folder can contain all of the links you use for your coursework, contact information for your school and professors, and any other necessary resources. This way they are all quick and easy to access, with minimal distraction from outside webpages.
Another time management tip would be to plan a few of your study/class work times on the same day or around the same times that your professor is online. This way you can get answers to your questions faster. The quicker you can receive a response means more time you save when it comes to completing coursework.
You also want to make sure that you create an easy to follow schedule that includes class and study times. This allows you to set a commitment to yourself that you will focus on your course at the specified times and it will help you to create healthy habits for future online courses and coursework.
The biggest tip to mention would be to STAY ORGANIZED. Being organized is the best thing to do in any course but especially in an online course. You are responsible for staying on top of your coursework and studying on your own time so keeping track of all of your assignments, study materials and important quiz and test dates, in an organized manner, will greatly benefit you in the long run.
Hopefully these tips will be helpful to people that are currently taking, or thinking about taking, online courses. eLearning courses are very convenient if you have the responsibility to stay on top of your work and constantly strive to become better at managing the time you're spending on learning. If you have some time management tips of your own you would like to share with us, please post them in the comments below. Happy Learning!